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Original NHANES Analysis

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) is a program of studies by the National Center on Health Statistics that assesses the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States each year. The survey is unique as it combines interviews and physical examinations. Numerous analyses of NHANES data on nutrient intake show that many individuals ages 19+ years are consuming less than the required amounts of nutrients from food alone.

CFEN asked its independent scientific advisors to explore this nutritional gap through additional analysis of the unique NHANES database. The advisors worked with the data to uncover new findings around supplementation. Their resulting analysis looked at a variety of factors related to supplementation. The research was published and presented through various educational channels.

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  • What is NHANES?

    Learn more about the program run by the Centers for Disease Control.

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  • Journal of Family Practice

    Learn more about the American nutrient gap in this recently published article.

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  • American Academy of Family Physicians

    CFEN advisors’ original research was accepted for a Scientific Information Display at the 2016 AAFP Family Medicine Experience annual meeting in Orlando.

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  • Additional Academic Resources

    Read additional academic research about vitamin and mineral supplementation.

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